1.   Moriat University:

Online University that is specialized in delivering eLearning courses and resources that assure interactivity and promote information retention between learners through group discussions, live sessions and more.....

2.   Kasralainy community:

Online community of Kasralainy, the largest medical school in the middle east, that gathers its members in one place, where articles, news and social discussions about the campus life  provides guidance throughout the learning journey.

Undergraduate & postgraduate doctor discussions are available through the forum.

3.   eMuseums:

we have converted real museums that contain jars & specimens of different medical specialities into electronic learning objects by means of virtual reality including:

  • Pathology
  • Parasitology
  • Forensics
  • Surgery and
  • Gynaecology

4.   Surgical Cases:

The department of surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University belongs to the mother medical school in Egypt and is committed to continuously improve the quality of surgical care that is available to the community.

Also, educates undergraduate medical students, promotes research and prepares generations of well-trained caring surgeons.

The surgical cases project is considered a collaborative work of the department and represents the main part of the department curriculum.